Where have you been?

Actually I should have called this where have I been. This seemed catchier though.

In short the answer is I have been at my new job at http://slickdeals.net They have keep me as busy as can be. Because of this major shift I changed a lot of habits; I stopped writing here as much, I stopped actively contributing to Pelican1, and I also stopped posting to github.

Be not too afraid. I still write plenty of code and fille around with everything. I just stopped posting most of it to github. I mostly use my own private stash instance. There is some publically accessable code for those who are interested. The reason is that stash is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper for my private repos so I just put most of my stuff there. I have been rethinking that lately since I miss a lot of the github community style.

I haven’t been blogging much since I have just been focusing most of my documentation and writings to work, and got in the odd habit of putting eveything in my private wiki. For the sake of sharing and hashing things out I am going to refocus on using this blog to document out useful things. Hopefully this means you cna excpect floods of useful things. Maybe some smaller posts too.

On the other side I have been busy with my girlfriend, cycling, dba courseware, studying Japnaese, and my unstoppable anime habit. I have my own house now and a workbench set back up so I may blog about those projects as well…

Anyways. No one loves a vanity post but I wanted to at least put an update out

  1. I’m really sad about this but my personal time dropped sharply between a new job and new girlfriend. ↩︎

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