Building chef-dk on FreeBSD 10

For those that don’t know I’m a Chef for a living. Not the kind that works with food but one that works with code. What you may not know is I’m a FreeBSD guy, or at least claim to be one. I’ve been building a new FreeBSD workstation and discovered that there is no chef-dk for FreeBSD. Building it isn’t bad, but there is a trick to it.

So without further ado, here is building Chef-DK for FreeBSD 10.3 (and probably most >=10.0)

If this is a fresh box you need pkg, ports, and some base packages. All this assumes run as root.

pkg install pkg
portsnap fetch extract
portsnap fetch update
pkg install sudo

Ok, for the rest of this I am assuming you are running as a user that has sudo rights. If you aren’t then ymmv.

sudo pkg install ruby rubygem-bundler portdowngrade git
cd ~
sudo portdowngrade devel/gecode r345033
cd gecode
sudo make deinstall install clean
sudo sed -ie 's/\(#define GECODE_VERSION_NUMBER\)\s*/\1 300703/' /usr/local/include/gecode/support/config.hpp
cd ~
git clone
cd chef-dk
USE_SYSTEM_GECODE=1 bundle install --without development

There you go! It’s not going to give you the /opt/chef-dk omnibus but you will have all the chef-dk you need to do your stuff! Maybe later I’ll document how to make a package but this will likely work for me.

UPDATE 2017-01-17: Thanks to Shawn for the GECODE_VERSION_NUMBER update. This was broken several months after this post initally was written

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