Git-Fu Advice

Now who would have thought, I start blogging about git and people have advice. This post isn’t just my personal learning but also some advice I received from others!

git reset HEAD^

From Alexis: Something I’m doing a lot is when I mess up with git, I sometimes need to uncommit something but keep the changes I had just before the commit.

git add -i

From Alexis: “Use this…” Brief but powerful advice. I never thought of using the interactive mode personally but if you are doing a complex commit or want to double over your work git’s interactive mode is fairly robust.

cd my_git_repo
echo 'git push' > .git/hooks/post-commit
chmod 755 .git/hooks/post-commit

I mentioned this in an earlier post. This hook trick is for the lazy at heart. This script runs a push after every commit. If you always have access to your origin repo when you are coding, ie like you are a cubicle worker, this might not be too bad. This might get annoying of you are the type of coder that likes to write a lot of little commits on the road and then push in bundles.

git diff --cached [--ext-diff]

As mentioned in my last post I’m big for double-checking my commits before go. This long command (that deserves an alias) pops open a diff of everything in your index ready to commit. Always a quick check before proceed!

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